20 Tricks to Hack Your Landscape!

To be honest, when we want to give a little touch of colour in the garden at home, then the most often thing to do is to plant a variety of colourful flowers, right? But in fact, there are many other ways to give new and live effects on the park.

Yes. We all want a beautiful garden, but unfortunately, we only do just so-so to make it beautiful, and then the results tend to be boring. Unless you are a professional plant expert, the mistake in choosing the type of flower or tree type is difficult to avoid.

But don’t worry, this article will give you easy tips to give a touch of colour, which will make your garden cooler, stylish and fresh to look at, without the need to use plants with complicated care. Yes, you can do the magic with your current fabulous and easy plant!

20 Tricks to Hack Your Landscape!

  1. The colourful pots are a good start. You can buy new pots or paint the old pot, according to the desired colour.
  2. A pleasant accent of coloured stripes on the walls of your garden will add a stunning freshness.
  3. Make DIY pots from your own cloth? Why not? Very easy!
  4. Do not be afraid to experiment with different materials for your garden! Carpets can be an attractive wallpaper, right?
  5. Patterned wallpapers can be used to create unique displays!
  6. Use bright colours as your plant background. Guaranteed flowers that bloom, look more attractive!
  7. You can also play with cool colours! A simple shelf that can be painted monochrome can be an option.
  8. How about you focus on where to put the potted plants? The boring impression will disappear through the bright colours!
  9. Try to organise some unique ornaments according to your personality. No one can match your decoration for sure!
  10. Do not be afraid to play with various patterns and hit the colour. The plants will look fantastic, and the pots are also an easy medium to paint!
  11. Why hesitate to add some unique features on your garden wall as a backdrop? We’re sure you will not regret the outcome.
  12. Bright colours and retro-style pots are the perfect combinations for a funky garden!
  13. EXTRAORDINARY! Come on, add a little art to your garden! Painting plants can also be a brilliant idea, is not it?
  14. You can also decorate with a delicate touch and not too flashy through the coloured spots on the chassis.
  15. Pillows with vibrant colours can always add colour and style to your garden. Try to match the colour of the pillow with the pot. Amazing!
  16. Give all your outdoor space accessories bright colours. Try to put a pretty yellow ladder. Special, right?
  17. Have a dining table outside? You can give a touch of colour through tablecloths and furniture, you know!
  18. Where pots made of iron can be sprayed with new colours to your favourite and will look phenomenal!
  19. Do not forget that white is a bright colour! Look at the amazing blend of colours in this picture!
  20. Ombre is very hot at the moment. So, try to paint the pot with the sponge, and look at the surprising effects you create for the plants in your home!

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