Hello! My name is Eric.

I love nature. I ran away from the laying studios, from a world I was no longer part of, and now I walk through the woods and the sky. There is no doubt; this is where I must stay. It is to this dimension to which I belong. Maybe it will only be a stage in my life, maybe it will be forever, but now I want to tell how rich, wonderful, complex and fragile what is left of nature.

Now I want to be part of this growing, transforming and dying, and I would like to find a way to tell it because everyone understands the value of what’s next to us. Everything in this world is interesting to be learned. That is always my motto.

What I’ve created here about anything that can be related to the people‚Äôs well-being. Just how I can retrieve or maintain what people do for some recommendations. With me, you could be truthful, as well as ask for your requests to me in private messages. Obviously, you can review your questions in the comments. I hope to find everything you need for me on my blog.